Advance praise for And the Crowd Goes Wild! has started rolling in!

“Children’s love of sports and poetry dance together in this inspired anthology. The poems celebrate the wondrous, hilarious, silly and sometimes poignant moments that happen as children play their favourite sports. Some poems lend themselves to choral readings and dramatizations and will be a joy for children to perform. Many readers will be inspired to write poems of their own.”
– Kalli Dakos (Canada), poet, A Funeral in the Bathroom

“Grab a front row seat and prepare to go wild! This gathering of poets from around the globe is guaranteed to bring loud cheers from fans of both poetry and sport alike. A gold medal-winning anthology!”
– Graham Denton (England), poet and anthologist, When Granny Won Olympic Gold: And Other Medal Winning Poems

“This exemplary anthology covers the widest variety of sports–first-rate wordplay and surprising perspectives make this a must-read for those whose bodies are as busy as their minds.”
– JonArno Lawson (Canada), poet, Think Again, and editor, Inside Out: Children’s Poets Discuss Their Work